McMillan's Office  (Northern Railway Collection)

Thirty-five years of working as - an illustrator/painter/muralist/teacher - has allowed me to work with extraordinary people on exciting projects that have taught me so much about this world.  I have illustrated salt marsh species; forestry practices; lichen; paleontology murals; rare and endangered flora and fauna; the life cycle of the Atlantic Salmon and children's books.  I have doodled; researched; painted in far away lands; turned plaster walls into different worlds; and expressed the wonder I feel about life, in paint.

In my personal life I am drawn to paint the "everyday", what some might call the mundane.  I like junky garages; back alleys; decaying trees still producing fruit and shadows stretched long by the hour of the day.  I like them because they speak of ordinary life - real life: its cycles and patterns.  Like rocks and mountains, bones and cells, all of life carries secrets of the past and pieces of the future.

In the "THIRTY-FIVE YEARS" gallery you can view some of my favorite contracts, doodles and paintings.